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Prefectirus is an energy management system specifically developed for multiple occupancy properties such as university student accommodation and hotels.

All providers of rooms want to maintain a comfortable environment for their tenants and guests. But, essentially, they don’t want to pay more than they have to for energy use.

We are all familiar with thermostats being adjusted to maximum – rooms left unoccupied while the heating is on and windows being opened to cool a room.

But occupants are generally not too concerned about the cost of their energy use – as they don’t pay the bill!

With Prefectirus you take control of energy use and therefore energy costs.

  • Control temperature individually in each room
  • Switch heating on and off at predetermined times
  • Measure energy use
  • Turn heating down if windows are open
  • Detect unoccupied rooms and unauthorised portable heaters
  • Detects and acts on triad warnings, see your possible savings using our tariff calculator